I’m Not Feeling Culture Right Now

I’m REALLY NOT feeling the culture vibe right now. I know we are trying to shift it and address it. But there is this strange 80’s doom that I feel. Maybe there is foreshadowing of greater economic divisions. Maybe we will all go back to being sorta ignorant.

I can’t put my finger on it. But it’s it’s like old paradigms and outdated beliefs. Like trying to turn the clock backs on our minds on our progress. I don’t know something feel corny.

All this evil shit is corny too.

I don’t feel like something terrible is going to happen probably because it’s already happening but that our progress is being turned back.

I’m just really not feeling the vibe and it’s icky and gross and that’s outside of the pedophile Entities monsters fucking with me all day.

Why God why?! πŸ™„


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