“I AM Isis”: The Throne

When I first started hearing audible voices the Entities pretended to be my ex (false twin flame) an practically was forcing me to say “I am Isis”. Every day for almost a month the voice of my ex or a woman pretending to be an angel or his friend or something kept saying just say “I am Isis” and I mean Isis is cool. I know a lot of twin flames dig her.

When I was young my family gave me a lot of Egyptian children’s toys. And I always kinda loved mythology growing up. But these Entities definitely ruined that for me.

So in my twenties many of my friends were Caribbean mainly Haitian and Puerto Rican and so Ifa (Yoruba) and Santeria were things were talked about. So I also studied some of the mythology as well since many of my friends references these Gods and Goddesses as like some one would say Isis.

When I looked up the name of Isis, her name means. So Isis means “throne” in Egyptian mythology.

I never understood why they wanted me to call myself Isis. First they said I was in a past life, then they said it was code names, then it just got all really crazy and mixed up and scary.

Either way I was thinking yesterday about about something. One of the Entities who was dressed as an “Acturian” wrote in a photo “I test before I sit”, I told her I fail and she can have a seat somewhere else. One that didn’t feel very “Acturian” in nature and I don’t trust anyone now.

In Santeria and I believe in Ifa (might be called something different) called “mounting” which the Orisha takes over the human body. Usually these are designated ceremonies for this.

So the other day it’s like this experience and the name Isis and mounting all clicking for a moment.

My mind my body is a throne in which these entities sit who wish to be worshipped like Gods and or Goddesses. But unfortunately from what I SEE they are not. They don’t act like it, look like it and unless rape and migraines is Goddess status nah.

I can’t say how it is for other religions. I know Orishas have very specific ways they are suppose to act. So I guess I’m trying to understand where does my experience fall in all of this.

3 thoughts on ““I AM Isis”: The Throne

  1. When I was reading, I was thinking about the egoic level, the identities we create, and how ego wants others to see us a certain way. So ego wants to be worshipped as a particular and separate entity. Ego also wants to see others in particular and defined ways that are in conflict with one another.

    The truth is that there is only the one force–love–but ego tempts us in so many ways to accept separation as the reality. It’s helpful to me to think of ego’s call to be worshipped–thank you. πŸ’š


    1. Lol like Guardians of the Galaxy.

      I never really created the idea of Isis. If anything I had more of an affinity for “Hathor”. Protector of women and children. And it was my privilege to actually be able to engage in that work during my time on this earth through non- profits.

      But the strange distorted Isis thing was/is WAY weird. All about being super pretty (calling me ugly), a mother (barren), manipulative bursts anger (peacefully enraged).

      That’s not who or how I am. And when I refused that they forced Osiris on me and “gave Isis away”. I didn’t care. I cared about knowing what was happening to me and who were they.

      I personally do not find these voices to be “parts of myself” naturally. Like yes I accounted for one of them over the decades influence but this other one is really new a SUPER GROSS to the MAX and I can’t take it so I drug myself to fall asleep in hope tomorrow might be a bit better which it rarely is. It is a self agreed upon and currently we are not in agreement for one reason or another. This is not EGO subconscious mind or ego.

      I found the voices usually to be male/distorted masculinity even with a female vocals. But I guess that depends on the matrix one is connected to.

      Be it Isis or Osiris, Jesus or Oshun or Papa Legba I’m not here to play games with any one.

      I have my alter ego which I will post. It’s my logo for 15 years.

      We are not separate it’s just ……. HOW are we not ? πŸ˜‰

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      1. Our sense of separate self can present in so many ways, and whenever I’m looking at it and believing it, it’s so painful. It’s been helpful for me to think of it as a pre-recorded message–the idea that I’m listening to a pre-recorded message, and I decide if I believe it or if I recognize it as a harmless thing.

        It hurts–each new layer I access, each way I discover I was avoiding deep pain through judgment or through believing in an illusory world. Each time I get to a deeper layer, I can feel that I have not gotten anywhere at all (true–we’re always here!), that all is lost, that I am caught in despair, that I will never get out.

        But that is that same prerecorded message, and the pain and distress itself is my indicator that I am listening to it and believing it is real. I power it. I power the illusion of pain and fear, because there is only one power, one of us, and that is Love. That always floors me, the day after, when I can see it.

        The reason I power it is that “free will” (conflicted will) clause. We created this experience of separation, and it won’t be taken from us, but we can set it down. This is all about learning to set it down. In this moment I get it and I feel empowered, but yesterday I was really struggling. It does get easier. The sanity and perspective comes back more quickly, but pain still hurts. I’m glad it hurts because it signals me to wake up. It’s my lifeline. πŸ’š

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