You are Aunt Joycey

So I told the pieces of 💩 that need to stop using my Aunt as a metaphorical insult.

“You are now Aunt Joycey!”

My aunt is currently alone, has her own place, sings in a choir at church, travels and is chilling for her retirement.

They keep saying I’m her, as an insult to not being in a relationship, although all they keep talking about is my “ex”. And they say they want me to be gay and they hijack any attempts at a relationship which makes dating more exhausting than it already is. They called me “Monk Isis” saying I was going to be a nun.

I hate that they keep using my Aunt as an insult. Like my aunt has AMAZING taste in like everything! I always called her my other mother. She had a marriage but divorced. Great career, excellent student, always there when you need her. So my Auntey is AWESOME!

But these voice suck and want to use my aunt as a curse and an insult just because she is not in a relationship and I’m over it.

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