Trauma and Entity attachments?

Why do we live in a would that if a rapist rapes that the victim then suffers Entity attachments? That loop and replay and cause fear and torment …… to relive the trauma over and over again.

Why don’t we live in a world where the rapist are spiritually tortured and tormented?

Why must the victim not only be revictimized socially, politically, and then spiritually?!???!!!

And the rapist just go about their life, make their money, date some chick that will never know what they did, have babies….

All the while you are tormented to the point that you can never trust anyone ever again, therapy once a week with the copay, eating every feeling, all the while every terrible thought is on replay while you pick up a bunch new ones.

Why do we live in a world where the bad people and the bad entities get away with everything all the while those who are victims or try to do good are constantly re traumatized?

I just don’t get it. It’s so backwards.

And then we revictimize by saying you didn’t do this enough….. shouldn’t have went here or done that….. that if you knew better you wouldn’t have been in the situation…… what about getting rid of these situations?

I miss good….. my faith in good is slowly diminishing.

I couldn’t even mourn the death of my grandmother who raised me because of this Entity just being nasty all day.

Can we not mourn? Grieve?

I’m tired in a way sleep will never quench.


9 thoughts on “Trauma and Entity attachments?

    1. My faith is and has been tested during this experience……. I have yet to experience a “good” spiritual experience….. but for something so evil to exist something equally as good and just must! So I just try to keep faith while I do my best and keep things simple.

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    1. 😭 that makes it all worth it! I’m glad it brought you comfort and I’m glad I’m not alone.

      There are A LOT, most just are too isolated in their minds with these demons or whatever to know!

      Between Schizophrenics, targeted individuals, semi possessed, the awakened, kundalini, twin flame ect and those that don’t know what’s happening to them….. it’s so many I can throw a rock in social media and find someone that’s having these strange experiences only certain degree which is usually based on trauma.

      My sisters friends, a random friend from high school who I hadn’t spoke to. A bunch of random people on the internet. They just vary in different ways.

      So there is a lot! There has to be SOME truth to our experience and a valid reason and a valid way to heal. Together.

      You are welcome to share my blog!!! I figured if I don’t have a choice in experiencing it I might as well document it so others don’t feel alone or someone else can run and figure this out.

      Maybe we can all start a group one day.


  1. You are amazing and inspirational and it brought a lot of joy to speak with you today, I’m Brittney and I hope to keep in touch and yes that’s a wonderful future plan. Just started this blog thing yesterday and ran across yours as 2nd I found. Everything happens for a reason. You have a wonderful evening πŸ” Unlocking the doors to freedom my friend:)))

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