What is awakening?

My awakening has been hmm more of a slumber……. so as I awakened to the fact that there infact evils and Entities in this world I was lulled into dream times if delusions where I saw ghosts and spirits and trolls and the firefly dragon flies and demons and geckos few other things some machines.

But in a way none of it was real. It was created. I have even tasted in a dream. But it wasn’t real. So was it actually an awakening or a false awakening? Plain ol’ schizophrenia? Demonic possession posing as enlightenment now?

So many different scenarios to keep you seeking and going and interested. Even when I’ve stated very clearly I am no longer interested in this game.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if if this Entity left now. And I would allow myself the time to grieve and to be. I’ve been something else for two years now. Something scary and sick. I would cry with out worrying if some demon will come lick my tears to fuel their agenda.

So I awaken to a nightmare.

I’ve accepted what has happened.

I don’t know why or how I’ve accepted not knowing.

But I have not accepted the possibility of what is happening to our people.

Is that awakening?


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