I am a Narc

I was triggered and have yet to read an article that a friend posted because I can see how I am becoming a narcissist. Not abusive but self serving in the sense I want to get rid of this entity essentially.

I am stuck in my head with very few to actually people to talk to and listen that will understand or won’t trigger me. I am completely out of heart centered think while I can still access it, it becomes a debate with these grey aliens and reptilians rather than a natural state of being.

I become self centered not because I am because I am trying to protect myself and those around me and I am sure that be interpreted many ways. Even this blog even this writing. I say what I am as a declaration to accusations of what I am not. And in turn become a narc protecting myself and my ego.

Some not all narcs are just people who got hurt for too long. So they are processing in their heads how NOT to get hurt or hurt others. Like staying away.

Not sure how to dissolve this part of ego.


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