John 15:1 

Maybe I’m have a serious distortion around religion. Or at least the Entity’s that are here have many distortions. 

I just keep it simple to trying to just be good as possible own up when you are not. 

As I said I normally experience these phenomenons first and then explanations come up. My friend told me the flowers were apart of the “the of life”. But what I saw looked VERY far from the tree of life. 

I’m like why the fuck are reptilians shooting flower tongues at my brain? 

I wrote before about my body becoming a garden. And seeing all these entities taking necture that is sucked through from by through these flowers. 

While I know not everything is not cut and dry…. All I know this does not feel like a holy process. I think I might have thought about what I was seeing different reptilians and all if I every thought wasn’t turned into some perverion about incest, pedos, my ex twin flame, rape.

I mean were reptilians the snake in the garden? 

As soon as I rejected the reptilians advances as telepathy between my ex and I, EVERYTHING went down hill and the sexual perversions and humiliation began.

I was told this was cleansing, face all fears, there will be transformation…. Face all issues and here I am….  And is it me? That needs all this or the entities? 

Like …. Everything is so backwards. 

I’m so deep into this bullshit Idk if I could truly speak about it in a sane way. 


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