Tree of Life: Archon False Chakra system

This is EXACTLY how they set up the false chakra system over the body. I can see it. Except the first two on the side are closer to the temple/ears and the shoulder one is under the arm pit, the root being the most important extends from the thigh area (inner mostly) to the butt area so to debase your vibrations. 

It’s bullshit. I never had this shit before, I never agreed to it, I never asked for it.  I did yoga like what three in my life after this all started to calm mass ass down. Now a bitch can’t be flexible with out worrying about being possessed?

These chakras are made from the same stuff floating all over my house and spitting sparkle balls at my forehead or whatever it does. 

It’s soo fux up. No one should be forced into this. 

This is so sad that this is all false.

2 thoughts on “Tree of Life: Archon False Chakra system

  1. You can have a healer remove them. However, it may also depend on what your higher-self but you seem to be ready for it.

    I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Luckily, we have a healer that can do this for us in person or long-distance.
    You could probably request her services as long-distance and ask her if she could sent you a pay-pal invoice prior to the session.

    However, there are others on the internet who can do it. You may also wants to try the following:

    1.) Take a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) and ask your higher-self if it would be nice enough to remove the 3D Archon Chakra system and to fully repair and activate your DNA.

    2.) Try Ayahuasca. Tell mother Ayahuasca that you’d like to have the Archon Chakra system removed and to fully activate and repair your DNA.


    1. I have done aya 6months before things got real crazy. And then that’s when I realized how these Archons and demons had invading and influencing my life.
      I’m currently in no position to pay for any more services BUT I want to leave this information up here for others who can afford it and struggle like I do.

      Thank you for you reply!


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