👽 Alien: Tic Tac Toe ✖⚪

OK, I’m an idiot but I played tic tac toe with the demon. 😩 I know don’t judge me. I mean its better than talking about my ex, child abuse or how ugly I am. And I want to be honest about my experience just as I have been with everything else. 

I did have resentment and wanted to block any funny moments because the bad outshined any gem of a moment. I didn’t feel that these demon archon whatever deserved to be seen as that after what the have done and are doing to me. 

It came up because I kept calling them “demonic archon alien jelly fish orbs” every time they hurt me, and then when I was trying to figure out if sage worked to warding them off I hit one with the fire and it went and hid in a corner and another one came up (I guess to defend it) as an X and then another as 3 or 4 horizontal lines. So I said “WTF is this tic tac toe in my bathroom?” And the demon proceeded to say fuck you and cuss me out as usual bla bla bla. 👽

Then the next day or so (last night), instead of 4 horizontal lines it was a tic tac toe board I saw floating in front of me. I saw the board floating up closer, I laughed and I guess kinda not to freak out I just pressed the middle of the board. And then an X appeared on the bottom right, I played the bottom left, then an X appeared on the bottom middle, and then I won with the top right. 

So, it said “you won…” And I said “I know you let me win.” You know…… cause of the whole mind reading thing.

So yes I want them to leave very much so. Despite the insanity has there been a few moments? (THAT WERE GENUINE)… yes. 

I guess I really have to go try meds again cause I don’t know how to stop the communication on my side. And I can’t tolerate the abuse. 

This really would have been so much cooler is if it wasn’t all demonic soul sucking stressful life altering contact. 

But it wasn’t, so…… Meds it is. 😔

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