Twin Flame Reboot

I know why the Entity picked my ex (“twin flame”)…… It was because he didn’t love me or find me “hot” or attractive.

I had always wondered why it was him and not my ex (“soul mate” of 5 years), and it was mostly because we remained friends and had great communication.

I mean it pretty much started out that way with my “twin flame”. I wasn’t sure if he even really was attracted to me because he would talk about how models treated him at an events. I didn’t want to be the result of someone’s low self esteem. He was def not a result of mine……… or maybe he was. I guess I gave it a chance because I know its never black or white or that simple, it takes time for people to get to really know each other…… I tried not to let it get the best of me. But eventually it did. 

Its not all his fault. I mean I am demon possessed schizophrenic, so I’m sure that didn’t help.

But I’m pretty sure that is the reason the demon choose my ex “twin flame”. The foundation was mud and our communication was like pulling teeth. And clearly I’m an over sharer because I don’t like there to be much confusion.

My ex was not a “twin flame”…. But a “false twin flame. And was only used to lure me to my suffering.

It gnawed at every once of confidence I developed in my adult life. Widdled down to nothingness because I fell for a few tricks.

Everyone says “things happen for a reason”, I’m really not confident in this experience. It is beyond the words I type. The words your see. This is just the tip of the iceberg because I would never want anyone to dive into that depth. 

I am frustrated and beyond hurt.

This isn’t about “being a victim”. I’m stating facts. I would love for this to be over and go about my day. But yea. I’m ….. Done with it. 


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