Crazy Talk: Multi personality 👫👬🎤

So the voice in my head I THINK has multiple personalities.

There is only one I have telepathy with. Then when the TV is on male and female conversation. And then the one that screams “aaaaahhhh fuck yoooooou” over and over, but that one I can change what it says. They are all mean and judgmental, talk about me like I’m not there sometimes. 

Then sometime when I’m falling asleep I get these buzz zap and a different kinda voice saying very short phrases. 

So the last few were “DUI”, “Jicobe (hospital)”0, then on another day “she’s pressing charges”, and “limited express (bus?).” 

Each time I got those different messages right before sleep it would shock me out of my sleep mainly cause it hurts and its louder. 

So I’m not sure what those are. I’m not making much of the messages because I don’t feel they apply to me. And of course the voice won’t tell me the truth. Even tried to convince me it had something to do with my ex. 

So just jotting those notes down.


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