I’m just tired

I’m tired of this demon trying to break my heart daily with new ways to summon the thought of my ex. Emulating the heaviness in my chest, a loss of breath, a new fact in the case, a reminder of some fuck up. 

Why him?

I wish I had the courage to idk tell on the demon and let my ex know this demon is stealing his identity and all in his business. I know for a fact that if I would have stayed friends with him and not cut him off because this demon kept telling me about his relationship and flashing images of him having sex with some other woman or even me, maybe, maybe this demon wouldn’t have been able to use my ex twin flame as a mental and psychic toy.

I’m just tired of hearing this demons voice and being abused all day. 

No one else in my family goes through anything like this except me. So its hard for me to see how this is a generational curse.

I’m just tired.

Good morning. 


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