The Confederate Fantasy 

This whole “moving forward” and ignoring the problem, is what got us where we are right now.

Where communities are forced to figured ways to protect themselves because its not coming from the government or police.

IF 45 wanted to stop this in its tracks…. He could have PRIOR…. When the nationwide outreach for this event was happening and say “NOT IN MY NAME” …. At least… At least.

But he didn’t because his hands are tied. And he doesn’t care. He thinks this is the appropriate response to the Obama era and BML. 

Where privileged white supremacist tell other citizens of this country to get out, we are going to kill you. And then actually fulfill the prophecy of their rally. 

Taking a stand against nazis, kkk, white supremacist who are in a delusion and believe they are still under the Confederacy, is the most “patriotic” thing you can do!!!!

So people should really be looking at this president sideways now more than ever.
How am I sitting here “schizophrenic” and have a better grip on reality? 


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