So, I have noticed the slightest difference in my surroundings when I close channel meditate mostly with my hands. 

Its like what ever this entity is … It makes it a little more difficult for it to project. 

What we deem a curse, ghost, “schizophrenia”, these “outward” experiences seem to take more effort. Is it me? Nope. Is it something in me or attached? Totes!

I just wanted to make that note here. 

Sucky part is my personality has TONS of motivation but lack “discipline” , unless I can see it fully applying to my life. If that makes any sense. So sitting in a close loop meditation is kinda difficult. I could barely do my ho’ponopono last night because my sister kept interrupting me.

Its not her fault though. Its not her fault I’m going through this. I remind myself any other moment there would be no problem. 

Anyways. Just a note. 


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