The Sacrifice

So early on last year 2016, at some point, once I started saying this was all impossible. The voice started saying this was a “fish fry”, a “pig roast” that I was compost to be recycled and be a human sacrifice to the Illuminati. (Granted I honestly didn’t even know they do human sacrifices but OK)

Once I gave up maybe 80-90% of my possession because I was forced to quit my job, the Entity kept asking me if I was sure in my ex’s voice. As if I had a choice. No cash…. And I’m not that super attached to things. 

I remember at my sister’s hospital bed, I had promised I wouldn’t try to talk to my ex any more and just focus on my family. The “female” voice came in and said “but you gave up so much already”.  Later on this only esculated the play of sacrifice and self sacrifice as it started to try to force me into suicide for my ex (“twin flame”).

Also the Entity said I was a nun in a past life, or I was going become a nun again or something like that and never have sex again or marry. Or I need to marry Jesus…. Because I started praying during this difficult time. And actually started making fun of and or forcing me to pray for other people. 

I’m sure it doesn’t make sense. In general it doesnt. But maybe someone else had some of the same themes.

That’s why I’m pretty much done with the fuckery. I just want to find a way to stop hearing it.

But just in case, I repeated the statement below.


I, _______ choose to safely release all sacrifice cords , beliefs, habits, rituals, debts and feelings of guilt that are keeping me away from fully loving myself. Myself worth is whole, complete and never needs to be proven for I am an aspect of god and I am worthy and I have always been worthy. I am innocent, I am pure. Anything that is stopping me from fully loving myself I ask to be released, cleared and cleansed from all my being now. So be it. You standing in your power benefits us all. So it is, make it so.


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