Negative (I see sparkles)

Y’all remember this image from back in the day, when everything was about magic eyes and optical illusions?

If you don’t you stare at the 4 dots in the middle for like 30 seconds on so and then close your eyes and the image of “Jesus” appears. (Whatever that’s a whole ‘nother topic.) The dark becomes like and the light becomes dark. 

Either way. Soooo…. When I close my eyes I see all these flashing lights. Majority, white, some red, some purple, blue. Some times even black. Like even even I close my eyes in darkness I can see a flash of black. 

I wonder how this relates to seeing stars or what my grandma called them “falling jacks” you know when you hurt your head. 

Either way, what I see is very similar to falling jacks only its more colors… Different sizes, random. Falling jacks tend to be more uniform and just back and white. 

But this thought occurred to me since I close my eyes and I see this white light…. That maybe in reality….. Its black… Or some shade of it. 

Just thinking. No real conclusions here. 


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