👀 Illusions 👀

So I am laying bed, I have a black shelf above my bed and I stretched my arms out. I noticed my right arm and I was like “woa did I get a tan?!?”. I mean sometime you can get a tan on one arm if you hang your arm out the side of the car window.

Then I crossed my arms to the opposite side, and noticed the same thing happened. The arm against the bookshelf seemed lighter and the arm against the ceiling seemed darker.

So it wasn’t my arms. My arms never changed. 

It was the environment, the backdrop, the view, the perception, perspective, the framing, the picture.

But I brought my arms back down to my chest and looked at both my hands…. And they were the same.

I know who I am in any light or lack there of. Please do not assume my perception is a weakness.


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