Trigger ⚠ Warning

I was triggered today. 

Today was about child brides.

Its not that I am afraid of it, and yes it upsets me because I think a child should be a child.

In some ways I guess back in ancient times, I understood the thought process of having a young wife….. To pop out a billion babies and take care of your old crusty ass. I get it.

But now….. Now…. I thought we evolved.

And it a strange balance because I know this is a part of peoples cultures….. And believe that people should evolve their own culture from with in their culture.

But at the same time this happening in America no problem…. With out even batting an eye…. And this is why our children go missing or end up dead or enslaved.

So, it triggered me. It bothers me. There is no simple answer. I think its wrong. I want a child to be safe….. And not have it stolen from them by patriarchy and misogyny and a psychological problem.

In the same breath…. I’m tired of this Entity trying to convince me this turns me on. Maybe I get upset…. But no it does not turn me on. The Entity builds anxiety in my chest and then it does the rapey thing to to my gentiles like it does all day. But this time selective.

How you go from one year to the other and that’s a turn on?

Its not. It never will be.

And these men out here getting away with this shit. And I’m here trying not to commit suicide cause this shit fucking sucks and feels gross.

Sick of this shit.

And what do you do? To save them? 😢😢😢


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