ANTS symbolism

So my parents apartment just had a strange ant infestation pop up. It was kinda strange bathroom, in front of my room and the kitchen. But didn’t see a reason why they would be near my room or the bathroom. That’s what makes it strange.

I looked up the symbolism of ants: 

“Ant: Since ants live in colonies, they symbolize organization and planning in a group. Ants are also a symbol of strength and energy, and patience and perseverance.”

I always looking up the symbolism of numbers, shapes, flowers, animals. Like after some deep research I found that the triangle is a symbol for the heart or love. I mean many more symbolism for a triangle but that’s one of them. I always kinda like triangles because you can pretty much make almost any shape out of triangles. So they are pretty cool. 

I put down a lot of my wonderment in “symbols”…. It was never a strong belief but it was always kinda cool to look into it….. I mean they are used it a lot of writing and art. But again I didn’t want this Entity to use anything else against me. 

I just thought I would write about it. 


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