Antibiotics Found Effective in Schizophrenia (Tetracyclines help treat psychosis as well as tick-borne disorders)


Do as I said before in my blog. I am taking both a medical approach and a spiritual approach to my experience. 

The meds I was given for schizophrenia (hyldol and rispiradol) along with anxiety meds didn’t do anything…. I didn’t even feel calm really. So….. I am looking into this. I was bit by a tick like in my 20s at camp. But i dont know if i actually have lyme disease. But I am going to talk to my doctor about this. Worth a looksy. I do feel a lot of pressure in my head but I am also trying to figure out how this related to the vaginal burns and buzzing and what have you. 

I currently I am talking to a “healer/ demonologist” and she said a lot that conflicted with every other one. She said she did the work and to take salt baths along with Ho’ponopono meditation.

So I have been doing that but I haven’t seen much of a difference. Yet. Unfortunately medicaid doesn’t cover shamans so its taking all the little bit of money I have. I have to come up with more.

Imma be a little mad if antibiotics work tho.,

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