When I talk to people on a “spiritual level”…. There is a high level of deflecting. Like I’m never enough….. I don’t have enough knowledge, self love, understanding, experience, spiritual juju, not open minded enough….. whatever……. 

And well simply I love myself. I myself have made peace with my past. I don’t feel a tremendous amount of guilt or shame about anything and if I did tried to quickly corrected it. 

In terms of this experience and my contact with healers. I have told that this is… 

  1. Past life/ karma (entity said I was a child molestor and goddess Isis fie for my twin flame)
  2. Past life/ karma (healer said I was a healer in a past life… Dealing now with guilt and shame)
  3. Twin flame/ false twin flame / negative soul tie. (Everyone on YouTube)
  4. Shadow work (twin flame therapist)
  5. Third man from the devil (psychic healer)
  6. An intranquil spirit sent by some Mexican gang member. (A witch / and exorcist)
  7. Plain old schizophrenia (docs no eval)
  8. Negative spirit guide (healer new concept)
  9. Mk ultra / targeted individual / government/ aliens (some conspiracy theory dude)
  10. Plain old demon (me)

I’m exhausted trying figure out how I have been violated like this. 

All the healers said it was there (entitie(s) and then magically its gone once they do what ever it is that they do. All have different stories for what’s happened/ happening and resolution. So …… I’m confused.

I guess I was a mermaid in a past life with all these salt baths I am taking. 

All I know is I have had enough!


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