Emotional Eater


I am not trying to disprove EVERYTHING I ever heard but I’m trying to ground it or simply question it.

But this idea about Entities or Demons or whatever eat your fears or negative emtional energy kinda got me sitting here like ….. Huh? 😩

At best they get a good laugh out of it…. But how are they “eating” what they incite? 

If they are “trying to feel human” then wouldn’t they sit back and relax and just go with the flow? Not all this mixed up and cross wires? Like NO that chair does not turn me on. Its kind of absurd. 

I’m just trying to figure out the point. I’m not afraid…. For the most part. Aware. But what allows it to have access and what is the benefit for this entity?

Maybe blocking us from our potential?

I am just posing this one. The reason this came up for me is because this thing is in my energy….. But has been through good and bad. So I can’t say its just negative emotions that allow it to stick around. 

But at this point my energy is really low or if it is high I quickly feel choked to sleep almost. I mean if it is trying to “such my energy” wouldn’t want me to be healthy and full of energy to actually do so? For the most part I’m just bla right now. Annoyed. What does annoyed taste like?

I mean it did turn love into lust…. Or I confused lust for love. I mean relationships take time to grow. There’s no perfect formula. Either way….. It’s not this simple dont have negative thoughts because that allows the demons to attach themselves or something like that. But they can influence thoughts and you can believe it. 

It has to be something else. 

Again I think these concepts of being aware OF our negative thoughts is important….. And knowing what is our “energy” or spirit … Thought pattern is important…. But to say we never have negative thoughts or fears is insane. Its the exploitation of such is.

But by what? Who? 

What is the gain?

Again some of these concepts in part help us try to understand but can also send us into a frenzy and used against us.

But I how can something that has its own energy… Suck MY energy through “negative emotions or thoughts” that are incited by it?!?! The entity has even incited “happy” or a “euphoric” feeling (no drugs) and even that was false. So not everything is about positive or negative.

So what’s with all the falsness, lies … Confusion?

What are they hiding from?

Just some thoughts.


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