So got invited to all these angel groups and my cousins mentor keeps calling me an earth angel to the point of being uncomfortable. 

Uncomfortable because I got this nasty demon thing on my back. Because I’m helpless…. If I was an angel wouldn’t I have the power to blast this thing away.

If these other people are angels why can’t they do a care bear stare on the demon? 

I don’t know. I don’t feel like one. Ive beem defiled and debased in ways I didn’t know was possible. I feel more mortal and human than I ever have in my life because I can’t think my way out of this. I can’t make a check list….. There is no juice recipe for demons….. And prayer just keeps me strong when it hurts too much. But I don’t know if I am actually being heard. I’m not upset…. But I just don’t know if God hears me.

All I know is tried….. I will continue… Even if I mess up a little…. At least I’m trying…. To find a solution…… 

But I feel far from any goddess or angel.


3 thoughts on “Angels

  1. I think it highly plausible. I have felt drawn to you in the most unexpected way. You definitely have a message and I truly believe once you conquer the entity you will do great things with your knowledge of strength and help others with their suffering.


    1. I know I’m not really one. Its just an idea in way of being. So I try to stay grounded in that I don’t actually have wings cause demon would surely put that to the test.
      But thank you.


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