Boogie man

Now this mother fucker is seeping into my dreams. 

Volume at 20%. Still feel buzzes, still hear white noise and tones. Sometimes it will make my hearing go out like a gone…. And then turn up in volume.

But now its putting nasty porn and children in it in my dreams. It trys to say its because it doesn’t want me to sleep so much and wants me to wake up. But that’s a fucking lie. Its jolted me out of my sleep, plus my sister wakes me up all the time. I was up all day taking my sister and my cousin who was hurt in a hate crime.

Piece of nasty shit. 

Like I’m fucking done waking up pissed cause of this shit. Before it choke me until I was unconscious and go to sleep …. No its sayibgbit wants me to stay up by showing me nasty ass porn?!!? If I wanted to fucking see I would its easy. So clearly I don’t. 

There is no excuse.

These spiritual people are like send if love and light. You know what this thing did with love? Turn into rape. You what this this thing did to light turn it into lies.

I need to figure out how to banish this thing. Its disgusting. There is no reform for it. It does not gave permission to be here and I’m tired of seeing these sick images. Fucking nasty.

How do I kill this miserable piece of shit?!!?!


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