Hitting the Nail on the Head

I pisted a question about 2016 as i have spoken to a handful of people who started having crazy experience around that time. Even young children high school age. Which is really pissing me off. 

Like I shouldnt have a child in high school saying that “Yea these entities rape me”. The fuck is going on?!?! How do you even protect or teach your children about this shit with out installing a fear or freaking them out. 

This person in a forum just laid it out so beautifully! 

It is unfortunate that this IS the world we live in. It is a beautiful place but I also kinda want to cry and vomit at the same time. 

I mean I knew there were like people who do bad things…. And corporate giants and government lies….. BUT the unseen…. The unknown…. EVIL Is so real right now!

As I said I know a lot of people battling these thing in different ways…. It is so personal…. So divisive…. Its like we can connect but then we can’t cause its so personalized. 

While I still believe in God…. I do and have seen the ways in which is mentioned below “dark forces” take advantage of what ever belief system you have. Its so sad. 

Like I’m really really sad that they are destroying the earth and our people like this. 


“Guys…the world as we know it is not what we think it is. A long time ago, dark forces took control of our world and designed many, many traps in order to enslave and harm us. This is why there is so much darkness, suffering, and lack on this planet. These traps are more complicated than we realize… Besides the economic slave system and the religious nonsense they have poured down our throats since we were born (reason for that being that they are able to suck our energy whenever we pray to some “God”), they have built for us an astral playground and have given us psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, ability to astral project, telekinesis, ability to explore other dimensions, realms and planets, ability to communicate with higher beings, ability to see the future, etc. so we would stay in our fantasy world and never find out all the horrible, torturous things they did to us. None of these abilities are real! When we have these “special skills” we falsely believe we are “awake,” “enlightened,” and “fully aware of the truth”, and basically willingly walk right into the trap. The real truth is that we have bigger and better abilities than the fake ones the darks have given us. They just have blocked us from accessing them. They gave us fake abilities so that we would never wake up to our own innate power. Many things in the common spiritual world are controlled by darks. For instance, synchronicity is just darks manipulating our environment to lead us astray. Chakras are dark implants. Channelings are not trustworthy as the information received comes straight from the darks. Karma is a dark tool meant to enslave us. Spiritual awakening symptoms are most likely just the effects of darks attacking us and taking advantage of us while we cling on to the belief that we are spiritually evolving. If we’re waiting to spiritually ascend, we’ll be waiting forever. No one single event is going to liberate this planet; we have to do all the work ourselves. Love is the best thing ever, but it is not always the answer. Believing in this will only give the darks permission to harm us as we send more love and forgiveness to them. Our loving energy can’t heal them, unfortunately.

Remember—they created this beautiful, enchanting world and these beliefs in order to keep you away from yourselves! Please realize the amazing power you have within you and declare your sovereignty!

Archangels, spirit guides, ascended masters and “benevolent ETs” are only dark beings pretending to be of the light. Please don’t work with them! They will only suck your power. There are higher beings out there that are positive, but they are not allowed to intervene. Any being that is down here “helping” is not light. All you need is yourself and no one else. We are also not all “one.” We are not part of some higher God or Source. Although the idea may sound enticing, there is no conscious, all-loving, omniscient creator. That is only a dark lie with the intention of diminishing your power by telling you that you belong to something larger and to force you backwards in evolution. We are here as unique beings. This is what we’ve evolved into. “Merging with the whole” would mean that you lose all the evolutionary progress you made. You have all the power you need inside yourself. Spiritual beliefs were created by darks in order to keep us asleep while we joyously believe we are awake. This makes it easier for them to further their dark ways. I know this is very hard to hear, but the truth can sometimes be harsh. Please stop letting the darks exploit, misuse, and mislead you. The idea of “love and light” was spread just to make you docile, submissive, and accepting of any harmful things that are done to you. Knowledge is power, and we have to spread the knowledge and get out of the trap together! There is a bright future ahead of us if we are willing to put in the effort to make it so! 🙂

I deeply apologize if this sounds so jarring to the mind, but please, consider what I’ve said. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, but at least consider it. It’s certainly easier to stay asleep in a fantasy world, but is that what you truly want? The truth might hurt at first, but it gets sweeter once you realize how liberating it really is. 

If you’ve read this far, I commend you. It’s not an easy read, but there is an information war going on, and this stuff needs to get out there in the most direct way possible. Thank you for taking the time 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Hitting the Nail on the Head

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  1. I completely disagree and the darkness do not bother me anymore. After rejecting God I returned. After much research and going back to understand what I had always been taught I realised that this pseudo science slash new age crap was indeed a cover up.
    You are still struggling since I first stumbled upon your blog, maybe you need to see something different. I wish you well on your journey. Please watch the below video. You are either service to self or service to others. Surround yourself with beautiful people and pray – what would your entity do if you blessed yourself, asked Jesus to save you or told it God loved you and was all you need? I am no devout catholic, however I do believe.


    1. What exactly do you disagree with? I’m none religious, but I believe in God and Jesus as a teacher. I have called out to God… I have never rejected God. I’ve prayed! For myself and others. I am surrounded by family who I know love me.

      Since this thing has tried to take me over (as I have blogged about) to say “it is God”, it doesn’t matter what your religion is … It will try to manipulate or terrorize an individual.

      I am still struggling ….. But if all you see is struggle and not my fight with every once of my being then stop reading. 😊 I am sure there are more uplifting blogs than this shit.


  2. I simply considered what you wrote and disagreed with much of it, that’s not to say that I am right for your demon. I empathise and see your daily plight. It is hard to fathom. I am religious so I may have a better or different understanding of light and dark that comes from a lifetime of learning. I learnt quickly to call upon those who protect me to stop such things happening, before anything could take over my life.
    All your post jump around so much. I just look forward to hear that you are calm and centred and entity free

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    1. Well the fact that I do have a demon it would make sense that my posts jump around. I write to deal with the pain and confusion. I’ve called on the Angels, Jesus and God to help me and to remove this demon from my life. I am looking for answers from many different view points…. But have yet to find a solution. I look forward to the same as well.

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