Musing of an Archon (link to blog post)

So I had another friend who said this seems like an archon. So because this entity has shown me soooooooooo many images/ visions of what I know is not it. I decided to look to see what it may look like. I honestly expected like alien looking thing. 

However I got the image above. So what’s funny is that I actually see this thing either “inside my eye” or in my “aura field”. It is clear/ fuzzy/white …. Can change it’s shape, sizes or turn into multipuls … Line up ect, also I occassionally see a bright flash of light in the same area. Either way I see it. And I don’t remember seeing it before. The turn up in 2016.

Now I also wonder if its the “actual archon” or its hook(s). Yes they deal with religion, and demiurges (like mine to smoke, eat or watch zootopia 100 times a day.) Demon play, God, darkness fear. They some how latch into the neverous system or auric fields to control…. but again my understanding is limited to this experience.

Try this exercise: if on a clear blue sky sunny day …. Or on a cloudy overcast but day time. Stare into out into the sky …. Do you see a circle? Or two? It kind of moves with the with your vision….so you might only be able to see if for a few seconds. I know some people will say “that’s a floater” but if that’s what you feel cool. For me a floater wouldn’t turn into a perfectly straight line of circles and change. So…. You might also notice like little fast sparkle ish stuff as well. I’ve seen that for awhile and don’t feel anything from that…. Specifically but I could also be wrong. But you might see the sparkles. 

You may also see a white pulse like light if you close your eyes but that’s less frequent.  Either way try it. If you don’t see it. I hate you and you are so luck. 😊 Joking! Kinda. But seriously that’s a good thing. 

I said in a forum, whatever it is that they get from us. Isn’t there a better way of getting it that’s not so gross? Just saying. There has to be a better way. I mean while I’m like both middle fingers up to these assholes….. I’m also what’s the point of driving people crazy to get what you want? As we understand that there are things outside of our animal kingdom…. Can we not co-exist in a peaceful way? (We haven’t proven ourselves in the animal/ plant kingdom, but you know what NEITHER HAVE THEY so they need to cast judgment on themselves)

Some examples…. Since I can hear an “Archon” telepathically….. Could an Archon help someone who is deaf? Could there be a mutually beneficial and compassion realationship for each others abilities that doesn’t result in kamakazi suicide or depression?

Same thing for someone who is blind. Since I get all kinds of “third eye visions”. I know this may be outside of the box and unorthadox. But idk I’m just writing out loud.

Unfortunately they lie…. A LOT …. Like A LOT A LOT …. To the point even if they did tell you the truth prolly still think it’s a lie. Much like in the article above many, like myself, who are in direct contact with one, most do not get any straight answers. Soooo………. ? 

I mean as much as I would love to step on this thing for what it did/ does to me. I also would like to envision a world of truth where we can co-exist and at least STRIVE to be mindful of each other. Neither of us are perfect…. But some how we’re are in our own way.

However I never EVER agreed to this thing being in or staying in or entering my life. I am just trying to understand. 

Just some thoughts.


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