More on Karma

So I kinda went off on these guys in a “spiritual forum” that’s reeks of misogany about Karma. This one dude had the nerve to say the Atlantic Slave Trade was a “karmic lesson”. And I am over here speechless. But do I keep my mouth shut? NOPE!

As I said before if we use the concept of “karma” to be more mindful of each other, ourselves and the planet and how we effect each other cool. When we say let “karma” take care of it…. We are standing back and allowing OURSELVES to take the “higher road”. Does that mean karma will be administered? We don’t know. If karma,in the negative sense is administered do we reveal in it? Find satisfaction? 

But this whole idea of Karma and past lives is kinda insane. Like I’m the last one that should be talking about sanity since I’m “schizophrenic” demon possessed n shit…. But….. This is what I DONT get.

You had some past life “vision” about whatever. Who facilitates Karma? Who decides what or what level of karma one receives? If that …. Whatever/ Whoever it is …. Has the ability to enforce karma….. To be just and fair…. Then why don’t they have the ability to STOP the cycle in its tracks??? Stop the suffering? Hmmm?

Eye for an Eye? 

“Soul growth”?

Like fuck out of here. If suffering is suppose to grow ones soul then this really is some faint version of hell. Sounds pretty stupid to me.

I just can’t with people…. On this topic. 

I know the political can get…. Tiresome…. Confusing. But are we just going to sit back and watch the suffering. And return to our meditative bubble?

When we take karma to a past life. We take on an identity …. A burden that may not be truly be ours. 

And while the concept karma/ past lives in its essense …. In its purest form … Was probably created to help us be mindful. We (along with this Entity(s)) take it too far. Make it confusing…. hierarchical….. Complicated….. Divisive….. Used to ones advantage…. Money making…. I can go on…. But you get it. 

Last time I’m debating this stuff.

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