You are already whole. 

These concepts that we need to quiet to “listen to our souls” “connect to higher self” “connect to consciousness” …… 

Like we are already whole…… Born whole.

Yea there are real life material physical struggles….. But you are not separated…. And while we feel broken (I sure do) …. I know for a fact we are whole beings. There is nothing to obtain other than awareness of the self and how we interact… Staying true to ourselves.

But we can be hindered…. Confused…. Lied to… “Blocked”…. Diverted …. Distorted….

In searching….. Instead of being.

The only grass we should be worrying about is the one on our own lawn…. The earth…. That is struggling far worse than we can imagine. 

But we are whole. There is no voice to seek. No magic to obtain. You are “magic” ….. You live you breathe you create….. So what more do you seek?

Answers to the illusion? Reasons for the delusion? How to break the matrix? No not the movie…. Unfortunately there are no pills for this…. Just hard work.

The work to shake what ever keeps you down. Whatever doesn’t truly uplift you….. To shake false promises…. And well kept secrets. 

We are whole. You are your higher self. . you are your soul. 

Its just right now there is something happening that we don’t know and must lable. And who knows….? 

But I know for a fact we are whole.

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