In its simplicity

Building off of a previous post….. ” I don’t even know what to title this

We wonder what our gifts are. We want super powers. We want to know everything….. How everything works…. Why it works…. 

But instead of looking for super powers or abilities as a gift….. 

What about life? A body? A planet?

All of which we take for granted.

Being so detached from my emotional body….. Which means the surge of actual authentic emotions running through my body…. 

I realize how much we can take this body for granted. I mean I did exercised and fed it the best and organic foods working on a farm…. But…. 


I feel like we are being cheated…. Lied to…. Hypnotized ….. Distracted… Out of the simplicity of life. And I’m not talking about going off the grid and building a tiny cabin.

I had a friend who on Facebook one day said she was ugly. I commented and was HUH? …. She said “on the inside”…. And I couldn’t quite grasp why she would feel like that…. Its like you are cheated…. There is always some polarity…. Some paradox… 

Something…. A thought… A feeling blocking us from our full potentional…. And no I’m not talking about the potential that they set up in this capitalist game…. Or matrix or whatever you want to call it…

I can’t say what IT is….. Cause I don’t know…. But its me…. 


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