I don’t even know what to title this…. 

In the spiritual communities I find all this information and at one point prior these concepts we fun to think about or be inspired by to make art…. Whatever…. But after having this Entity Attack …. I’m….. I’m cautious… Weary. 

There is like this whole idea of giving up everything and not being attached to things….. And while it think it is important to have an objective view of yourself in balance ….. There is also like a point where you just gotta live. If you want to challenge yourself in living off the grid cool. But not EVERYONE can do that. Also this whole concept of giving everything up…. Its like are you even greatful then? Who are you giving everything up for?

There is this feeling of the grass greener on the other side instead of actively working on trying to make this world better. And some do… But there is always this talk about …. The other side…. The veil being lifted…. Another planet earth, living in 5D, the shift, a parallel universe, life on another planet, past life ect. A reality other than the one you are in actually NOW. A place other than here….. Because…. Why? We gave up on working on this planet and working on ourselves to do that? 

Do you think yourself in another parallel universe is thinking about you? 

In some ways I feel these longing to detach from the pain of this world is ………. Can be problematic.

While I am hearing a voice of an Entity that I have NO FUCKING IDEA comes from ….. I can not say for sure what the fuck is going on. But at the same time why am I being robbed of my experience of NOW? Why am I being robbed of my short time here? 

How do we know these channeled messages are a way to detach us from the gift that we have been given. Which is life! On planet Earth! Like you don’t even know who or what the fuck you are talking to. 

Let me calm down. 

Like I’m not a black or white kinda person…. Right? But at the same time …. If you are being channeled a message about the meaning of YOUR LIFE …. You are still giving your power away. Higher self? Huh? I get it some people need to give their life meaning. And not all messages are terrible….. Or whatever like I can take things for what they are….. But as I said… Who and what.. Where …. Why? 

After seeing how this Entity played with me….. I guess I just am cautious in general.

In some ways I feel like we are being robbed of enjoying the Earth we live on now. Like why the fuck are you worried about shifting to another planet when you can’t even take care of this one. 

Why you worried about a parallel you when you still ain’t get to know yourself yet? 

Whatever I’m ranting…. Nothing personal…. 

I just see folks going off about the next thing but they ain’t even taking care of this life.

I can tell you that I ain’t done shit to deserve this shit I got right here. Past life, parallel dimensions, another planet or this one….. Nah. But there are forces that will try to rob you of your joy. The life you were given for another?

Just uhg…. Like I want to be all love and light…. Seriously…. And then the concepts that I use to ponder over for my own thought were used against me (even religion/ belief) in order to take my life. 

So ….. I’m just ….. Not feeling it. 


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