The Voice

Why is only me who hears this Entity?

Why sometimes do I hear this Entity having a conversation in another room. But I do not hear any other “beings” or personality with in me?

Usually right before I go to sleep I will hear “another character” usually a woman. But only for a short moment. And feels very close to me.

The one that screams in the distance saying “fuck you” is usually a man voice.

But the consistent close almost “subconscious” voice of the Entity is a male voice. Not even a voice I know… Though close to my ex’s. 

But why am I the only one that can hear it? At the same time how can only people fr around the world experience and hear the exact same things I do.

Its strange …. I am having my dreams and I can hear this Entity …. Suggesting other things (cigarettes or to wake up), or chatting, almost feels like a a subconcious thought in my dream. Which is annoying.

The Entity knows I sleep to escape it… To rejuvenate so I can not be so cranky with my family. So now it is seeping its “chatter”, and suggestive thoughts into my dreams to be annoying.

I know that the entity controls the flashes of light, and the different “characters” it pulls out when it gets emotional.

Who controls my dreams? Are they mine but be suggested? Or do these dreams belong to this Entity? My dreams have never felt like this before. They feel very different. Is this a different Entity in control? 


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