The Loop

Since this Entity attack I have picked up some really unhealthy vices…. I’m stuck in this loop of;

  • Not going outside
  • Eating processed foods/ meat/ sugar unhealthy
  • Watching TV to combat the disturbing images in my Third Eyes
  • Sleeping too much/ Not sleeping enough
  • Not interacting with friends cause I do t want my relationships to be manipulated. 
  • Smoking waaaay more than I use to
  • Not taking showers or looking at myself in the mirror because I don’t feel like being body shamed/ fat shamed by the Entity.

I just miss being me. Care free me. I mean I can’t even channel this shit into creativity. Like how do I channel being called a “child molestor” or my ex’s name, feeling like im being choked and raped every night or all this other stuff into “art” …… I’m not inspired to say the least. I’m tired and I can’t even sleep.

I don’t know where to start. And I’m not even sure about consistency cause just when j think I have my bearings something comes up.

Im tired of looking for answers that lead to no where….

No remedy. 


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