Half awake or half sleep? 

I woke up around 2am as normal stayed up through the morning and then tried to go back to sleep. Exhausted from all the Entity chatter.

This time…. No dreams…. Just the entity talking semi-conscious but hoping to go to sleep. No deeo sleep at all. Maybe for an hour and a half. 

Today I woke up because the Entity did this photo flash, TV turn off sound, not quiet a black out, zap my head/brain thing. I have no idea what this actually does. 

I’m not sure if it allows the Entity to turn up… Or more access… Or if its just to scare me.

The entity said, “There don’t you feel rejuvenated?”….. But no….. I just feel awake…. Awaken from my sleep that it is trying to prevent me from having.

I wondered if preventing me from sleep that I am being either more easily manipulated (moody n such) OR cut off from the true nurturing and nutritional sleep one gets when ones goes into a deep sleep. Healing happens there. Actually healing energy or horomons happen from the hours I believe 10- 3am. But I just read that somewhere.

Either way…. I’m kinda pissed off. Still over this experience.

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