Sister Sister (pt2)

I told the Entity to “Destroy yourself”. Because it has destroyed so much of me. I don’t need to list the ways. 

It started going strong on the feeling of my ex (yes two years later) and then I said I wanted to kill myself because I can’t do this again. Even though it is quiet (sometimes) it still puts intense overwhelming pointless feelings in my chest… In my thoughts. I started to cry but then I got my composure. 

Then I was just over it (as I always have been). And the the Entity randomly put an idea that I should name my child (which in don’t have) my sisters name and she should die. And then I started crying again and I said “who would think that?!”…. And why would it even talk about having a child since it likes calling me a “child molestor” and saying “you will never be a mother”?

My sister is alive. Not in the best of health…. But alive. The Entity has also suggested leaving my sister and stop taking care ofnger because , “I’m not a mother”. Or has said “Put her away” which again idk what that means as the meaning has changed. 

So it got me back. 


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