Volume Control

While the voice of the entity in Volume has gone down significantly (no meds) but its “suggestive” thoughts are still pretty consistent.

Which is kinda back where I was before….. When I didn’t hear anything and was still asking the question, “why do I feel like this” or “this doesn’t feel like me”…… 

Not sure how this all plays out exactly ….. I also keep feeling this wave of fatigue…. Almost like the feeling you get when you know you are about to have the flu…. Only I keep getting that feeling over and through out the day. And it makes me nausous or tired.

But the Entity is still here…. I can still feel and hear him. I can still notice the thoughts that are not really my own…. Though I won’t say they are all easy to dicipher or that resist all…. Some are as simple as going to the bathroom. But as I said usually I know what’s mine. 

Just documenting. 

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