I posted a picture of myself from last year when all my hair was cut off (it was one of the few I currently have at all…. As selfie time has gone to a minimum with this entity berating me day)…… So…. 

I posted that photo …. It got like 120+ likes which is the most I ever got on a selfie…. Or any post really. 

And the ironic thing….  Is that that picture was taken on the worse day of my life. I was just released from the psycheward ….. Job gone, confused, hurt, scared as shit, tired, love gone, I felt sick and dizzy from the meds….. I was trying to keep my composure in public and I felt like overall shit. I see the pain. In my eyes. 

And yet ……. I have never got so many “Yaaaaasss Queen!” “Weerrq”  “beautiful!” and what have you in my life!

It’s strange.

Because …… Then I wonder beyond the surface if anyone can even see a fraction of the pain in my eyes.

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