Meditation to Meds

I was speaking to another woman who said this experience sparked up for her after she was meditating for a while.

While I can’t say that this Entity is a direct result of meditation. I know that in the winter of 2015 I was listening to binary beats and meditation YouTube stuff to get over my ex. I think I even went as far as to try to self hypnotize myself to forget my ex. (PS. It didn’t work obvi). But prior to the full turn up I was doing meditation. I have also heard this from other people as well. And the associate it with kundalini…. I don’t argue but try to express my own version which happens to be a bit different then most. Which is the Entity voice.

I in no way am speaking out against meditation….. Learning to relax those parts of our body we forgot where tense, to be quiet for a moment…. I still put on some music and meditate every once in a while to calm down …. But hearing her “dark night of the soul” was sparked after that is telling.


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