It’s Hot!

Since this Entity has decided to attack have never been so use to …… Thinking so loud. I am aware that even before I would speak to this Entity in my mind….. That there is a thought before that…. And maybe even one before that.. That sparks maybe what is known as thought.

So for instance …. I was thinking about (non mental verbal) how humid it is and traveling to go see a friend…. A vision/ image of pores of flesh flashed in my mind so lightly quickly. Then the Entity yells out “It’s HOT!”. I, trying to access my original thought said, “No I meant humid”…. A moment after I asked the Entity, “Why do you do that?” At which the Entity replied, “To make you go CRAZY!”. I just sat there in my first moments of waking up wondering……. why?

I went to go get some coffee and the Entity proceeded to go off about how it doesn’t care about me…. And just the usual negative bla bla. Trying to control my thinking as per the usual.

And I still wonder why? Still? I mean I realized most of the tricks…. So why are we still doing this? 


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