Got Weed? 

I found some edibles in the fridge and decided to go for it. Normally when I smoke it (which is rare) I feel super open …. And when I take an edible I feel like wavy sleepy. I was hoping for the sleepy.

I had taken the edible … No real….fears or expectations in mind. And there was a moment where the Entity started bugging out. Went full on production…  Felt very similar to when this all began (louder more intense). So in was sitting on the edge of my bed… Feeling kinda normal… And then I felt a cool breeze and the Entity started talking to me… Only this time it felt very very much out size of me. Had almost like a voice talking into a fan….. So Yea I got shook. I got get what it was saying. 

I started to wonder at what point of digestion did the Entity decide to turn up and go for a spoon show? As I said edible normally take a while and I usually just feel sleepy. Since I got shook…. But I knew it was trying to shake me… Both with fear placed and the right creepy voice. I half laughed both stuck in the fear but also not shocked that it went in to try to scare me. 

I decided to lay down and it just went in on “streams of thought”. An example would be. 

I hear lots of sounds coming from the different TVs. I head something that sounded like I guess a sword fight…. I identified it as the TV in my parents room…. Then the Entity comes in shows vision of my dad laying in bed with an actual sword and then exchanges it for his private parts!!!!

So it kept doing this the whole time it didn’t matter what I thought or saw it all ended at the most grosses possible scenario.

I mean this thing doesn’t stop…… Doesn’t change….. The fact that it took the opportunity to spook/ gross me out while I was on an edible (which I don’t even think really sparked it but was an excuse) only shows the true nature of this thing.

Its unfortunate.

That it can only act….. But never truly change. 

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