“The Secret Path AUDIOBOOK ch.3 The Overself” on YouTube

So I was listening to this because it popped up on my YouTube feed and seemed interesting. Its pretty interesting topic. I (myself) am OK with listening and researching other people perspectives…. But I don’t necessarily need to take them on as my truth or a definite truth.

If it resonates cool…. If it doesn’t move on.

I guess my problem is being able to indulge in any kind of pass time with out it being skewed. After listening to this chapter the Entity said,

“I am your over soul, that’s all I have now”

“If your my over soul then why are you trying to kill me?” 

“Because I’m tired of looking at this, I will take full responsibility (of your death)”

Yea sooooooo I’m just …… I mean. … The fuckery never ceases to amaze me. Why would my soul want me to die? Nope that doesn’t make sense. Why would my soul run through every sexually disgusting sensation, vision and thought, just out of no where? 

But I already know homeboy ain’t Jesus, God, Buddah, Osiris, my ex, Fat fucking Albert, anyone in my life, not even Satan and it only wishes it was apart of my soul.

I just can’t help but think of other people who are deep in this and really believe the fuckery. 


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