“Discover your power and purpose in the realm of quiet” on YouTube

This was a bit calming. I watched it and went along with the exercises. I then noticed how tense my body is …. As tried to release all the area of my body that I could (including my vag) the Entity tried to make me feel bad about it.

I continues to listen and it put up one of those screaming/repeating bubbles (normally I can change what those say). But I just ignored it this time. Asnu was trying to I guess just have a moment of not being tense my sister needes my assistance. Sonibwent intonthe room ans helped her the Entity moved on to show me the image (in my “third eye”) of my sister and I in that moment as if I wasnt already looking at / in it. Then it tried to make it seem pathetic that I have to help my sister.

It then frivolously continued to put in all these negative thoughts….. Which I can’t even list them all but it was ALOT of different ones in a very short period of time say a minute or two.

I already knewnibwas going to post and write about this. Honestly this state of being that the guy talks about is where I am use to being. Not the most quiet mind ….. But def not all this screaming and craziness.

The Entity has dialed down quite a bit… But it also pretended to leave before. And I can still feel, see and hear it. So I can’t say I’m in the clear.

I know we talk about releasing…. But haven’t found one method that works for me other than being myself and skipping the small shit. Hopefully thing will progress for the better. Soon. 

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