Sister Sister

So to bring my spirits up after that lame realization (Fat Albert post) I have declared making fun of my sister / making her laugh is one of the few things that makes me happy. She has a better sense of humor than me and she goes into her laughing fits when I tickle her or make fun of her bad attitude to lighten things up.

So I made this declaration…. And she was laughing and I kept trying to jolt her by screaming every time she was taking her insulin (fuck up I know 😞😞😞 but you have to be there it’s not that bad). 

Either way I saw something very different that I am use to …. Normally I see sparkles and flashes of light …. Which seem more inside of me than outside. 

But as I was calming down to allow her to take her shot I saw a …. Small slow soft floaty orb…. It wasn’t like bright light…. But almost like a feather meets a firefly …. It was very 3D unlike the flashes of light I see… And it floated in an out of vision and I couldn’t quiet catch it to stare at it….. But it shut me up. 😜

Either way It was something very different than I’ve ever seen in my life. 


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