Fat Albert got jokes. 

Soooo today I just saw a article that Bill Cosby court cases were thrown out. I mean I was wondering on what grounds but figured it was statue of limitations.

I kinda knew that the number of women that came forward were in the 50s and so I decided to Google search how many came forward. And LOW and behold it was 57 women. 

The same number of children this Entity said I sexually abused in a “past life“. (View past life section of post)

Mother fucker had the nerve to even call him self Fat fucking Albert last year!!!

I honestly didn’t know it was 57 women!! And so this Asshole uses that number in his story of me being fucking child rapist in a past life so it can force me to commit suicide because it knows how terrible I think that is….  And how I couldn’t live myself. Made me quit my job!!! Take all kinds of pills….. And almost fucking jump cause of this bullshit! 

Fuck this fucking shit!!!! 

Fuck this….  Meanwhile there are Actual rapist and child molestor just running around all over there place….. And no one gives a fucking shit. This Entity doesn’t give a fucking shit about actual predators BE CAUSE IT IS ONE!!!!!!! Piece of fucking shit! 

I’m over this stupid fucking game.


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