Words I Can go with out hearing for the rests of my life

I almost thought this Entity was AI sound resonance or something cause it kept saying the same thing over and over again… But then I was like wouldn’t and AI have Google and not need me to look shit up. Just Saying. 

So he are a list of words I can go with out here for the rest of my entire life because this Entity is fucking crazy and won’t shut the fuck up and keeps repeating the same thing over and over; (No fucking particular order)

  1. Die
  2. Go home
  3. Child molestation
  4. Pedophile
  5. My ex’s name
  6. Lord have mercy
  7. God Dammit
  8. You will never see me again

Yea so that’s just the top ones. I would be so happy if I never had to hear this thing screaming and saying these thing all hyped AF. Shits played.


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