Love Bug and Faces

So last night the Priest sent me a silly face to make me feel better as I was talking about the Entity. He is interested in figuring out what it may be and said it might be what’s known as a Changeling and then I proceeded to list all the possibilities that I’ve explored. I guess I can add that to the list. I read up on Changelings but it didn’t resonate or make much sense. Oh well.

More importantly since the Priest sent me that image of himself last night the Entity flashed his images maybe 3-4 times since then. I said in my mind “he’s cute and nice”, or adorable or something like that because I didn’t want his image to be manipulated. But these are facts, he is cute and he is a kind soul for reaching out to me.

BUT, as I woke up this morning and had a cigarette the image of him came up again…. That’s one too many times other than the original…. And I foresaw the obsessive energy that the Entity was trying ignite. 

I told the Entity, “I know what you are doing, an online long distance love affair? Really? ” 

The Entity said, “Well you don’t go out”

I said, “No thank you.”

The Entity said, “If you only knew what love is.”

I said, “Its not you coercing me into it so you can manipulate me.”

I thought about the times I obsessively looked at my ex’s Facebook page…… As much as I wanted to stop and tried to stop. The lack of control. So fortunately I was able to see it before I slipped into another delusion. 

What’s funny is … Is that the Entity picked my Ex (“Twin Flame” who I almost thought was Satan reincarnated) and then this Priest but NOT Vegan asshole or even my ex (whom I call a soul mate because remained friends).

This theme of good and evil. Contrast. A storyline….. That is not of own. A delusion.

Being “forced” or manipulated into “loving” someone is not love…. As the love is already there. Appreciating the person and time spent together, words exchanged…. Why must it be pushed a step further? Who knows what it might have been if the Entity didn’t insert itself trying to play psycho cupid.

But I have no interest in some grand story….. A delusion ….. Or being a puppet for this Entity to act out its desired because its bored.

Its going to be hard to really build solid real genuine relationships that aren’t manipulated into some grand storyline. 😟😞 sucks. 


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