This is the Voice (afraid to leave)

If you noticed I have used many titles that may play out in our heads as the song or phrase. #justsaying

Sooooo….. The entity started sounding like my ex twin flame more often now….. Again. If it doesn’t try to sound just like him, or flash an image from his Facebook about him, it like anytime there is a deep male voice on the TV the entity tries to associate that sound with him. 

After that thought (if passed by) it is re-realized …. Often it will replay it or say his name… It then puts that anxiety in my chest ….. That tremble. And I must try to stop “responding” even though the response is false. Even though the realization is false? Even though he (my ex) is not here? Even though he may never know the ways in which he was impersonated by a demon? 

This Entity is afraid to leave. 

I don’t know why its afraid to leave. But it is…. Or it would have by now (as much as it says it hates me and wants me to die and it hates being here, bla bla bla). All it does is hide and lie. There is no need for the truth to hide.

There is no need for the truth to hide, be mysterious or complicated.

Either way…. Just another way this thing tries to attack me. False…. Since it can no longer ignite a genuine and natural response from me. 

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