“Soul Sucking”

Alien Archon, Demon or whatever you want to name IT. There is always this idea that its “sucking your soul” or something like this. 

“Sucking your soul” only insights fear….. That they can actually take your soul away from you. Your soul…. Does not belong to them and will return to where it rightfully belongs.

This idea of Soul Loss or Soul Sucking …. I think really is to address the truama in our lives that can be (and most likely will be) exploited by people (best case scenario) or an Entity (worse case). Re-living the trauma over and over and over again. So in a way ….. Yes we “loose” a part of ourselves….. The joy we once felt, the dreams we may have had, our identity……. And while we may change (circumstances, moods, “personality”) our soul is the same. We as humans are adaptable in ways that are still being studied.

Part two…. As I said I truly believe that our souls go back to where they belong. However these bodies…. This mind…. Is vulnerable…. Flawed…. Temporary. So when we have these Entity attacks…. And these “energies ” move through us….. Of course this takes a toll on our delicate bodies (as if the food, air and water we consume wasn’t enough toxicity).

So in a way, I can see these Entities, “energies” possibly cutting our lives shorter…. And on top of our environment and these energies we turn to unhealthy vices just to cope.

I know mine are currently cigarettes and cookies. Maybe mindless apps.

What kind of toll does these energies and entities actually take on our bodies? Other than the immediate response, reactions, symptoms (finding a lot to be the same), what is the long term affects?

I honestly feel like my brain is being squeezed like a dish rag every day, snatched back lime the tightest ponytail…. But what are the actual long term affects of this. In the spiritual community…. People are saying they are “upgrades”, “re-wiring of our brains”….. Really? For real? 

If my brain is being “re-wired” I would like a more pleasent mental atmosphere then the fucking nightmare I went/going through.

Just wondering if this is another lie…. Story… Lullaby to sooth the pain…. The nightmares.
Just my opinion.

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