Part of your world

I haven’t really been in the outside world much. It tends to be too much with this entity. While my passion has been the quality of life for women and children, I am going to challenge my self to look else where to direct my energy. 

I am thinking about volunteering at an animal shelter/hospital. When I was a looked at the description, I saw that they wanted a 6 month commitment…. That kind of rattled me as I haven’t been doing anything for 6 months other than assisting my sister. And trying to plan or commit to anything just seems like a lot of responsibility (ver much unlike me). But that’s is exactly why I should do this. 

Hopefully I will start to build a schedule, therapy, volunteer at animal shelter (since I can’t deal with people right now), maybe working out at the gym, just slowly test the waters and something that is healthy and makes me happy.

I’m not sure what’s to come, as much as this entity tells me I am going to die and be alone soon. It also tells me to shut down my blog which I won’t. Baby steps. 


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