Helping Hands

So a man in a forum posted about feeling spiritually attacked. He seemed really distraught about the situation (which I totally underand). 

At first he didn’t want to talk about it because the alien/ demon voices were threatening him and his family (been there too). But there is only so much I can tell him…. The most I can tell him is that he is not alone and that he is not crazy. These are real experiences that people have or are going through on a mass level.

So when I hear that… I’m just afraid that he might be forced to take his life like I was forced. I told him I was experiencing the same thing but he got scared that I was one of THEM. I told him I am not, but I can totally understand the feeling of whom not to trust. But at least he opened up about for a little bit. And there are a lot of people reaching out to make sure he is OK (sometimes its just too close for comfort with loved ones). 

I did what I can but I also have to let it go.

At this point I’m am wondering what is the point of all of this. I mean mine is still going and like I’m over it… Done…. Not really in fear but annoyed… Tired. But what is the point? 

A lot of spiritualist tend to say let it run through you, cease to respond to it… But if you have a voice and a feeling making you think AND feel things you don’t….  That’s uhm kinda difficult. They also say this is an “upgrade”…. This shit feels like a down grade really…. How is an upgrade isolating you and terrorizing your whole life with things that horror movies are made of? Doesn’t add up for me. I guess some people were able to control theirs demons with belief systems…. I didn’t have that choice because I had very little fear and my belief system is kinda all over the place. Which is WHY this demon thing had to turn the volume/intesity up to 100+, tried to make me feel like my worse fear (pedophile), and try to force me into Christianity so it can play demon or God or what ever way it could get away with what it did. 

So Yea…… I’m just …. Not seeing the point now. 


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