Q: Space, Galaxy?

So question….. 

If there are aliens…. Living above in spaceships, below under the earths crust or among us……. Why does NASA even bother with space exploration?

I mean…  Idk…. Can’t we just use hold the keys to an alien spaceship real quick and travel at the speed of light or something?

  • So are there really aliens?
  • Are there really aliens and they don’t want to help us?
  • Are they really other dimensional being posing and ACTING as “aliens” to freak everyone out?

I mean I’ve seen some things in my life, I can’t say they all coralate but they were all strange. (Outside of this insane experience of hearing and Entity). I guess if aliens were/are among us I would think we would be far more advanced than we are now.

So from my understanding, a lot of people are having “awakening” “ascensions” which looks and feels a lot like mass psychosis. As I said before schizophrenia is only suppose to be a small percentage of the population. 

Something’s up…. Not right…. I mean we always knew bad things happen in the world but the tention is tight…. Polarized… I’m not with it…

Im not into spreading fear. My blog is a way to release. I tend to be ….. Cautious when telling someone something say in a forum as i (now) understand how fragile our “subconscious” can be. Its like we really need some sort of multidimensional cosmic spiritual space police / mediation or something cause something is not right. Putting a lable on it is when things get tricky… And even more crazy. 

I don’t need a lable to know I’m not with it. I don’t need to give it a name to know its not good (deception can never be a good thing). But I know I’m not with whatever program this is.



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